Lumbar Support Cushions To Reduce Lower Back Pain

If you are suffering from chronic lower back pain and want a simple and effective solution to minimize your pain, buy a lumbar support cushion. Designed as a support pillow, a lumbar cushion helps support the lower lumbar back area and helps reduce lower back pain caused due to prolonged periods of sitting. Additionally, using this type of lumbar support can help ease injuries in the lumbar region caused due to playing a sport, lifting heavy objects or due to a severe fall. Lumbar cushions can be used as a lumber pillow in the car, at the office desk or at home to help people relieve lower back pain or muscle tension.

How does a Lumbar Cushion help Ease lower back pain?

Unlike standard pillows or cushions that are squishy, a lumbar cushion is firm and supportive. Using this type of support cushion provides a comfortable cushioning between the lower spine and back of the chair, alleviating pain. Additionally, using lumbar cushions not only prevents you from slouching, but also helps relieve physical strains receive by the spine and lumbar muscles, preventing sprains, tears and strains. This works beneficially in maintaining the overall health of your spine.

Best Lumbar Support Cushions

• Duro_Med Relax- a Bac Lumbar support Cushion: Made of durable and molded foam, this cushion for lower backache is designed to relieve stress on the lower back and maintain proper alignment of the spine. Equipped with an elastic strap that secures its position, the cushion features composite board inserts for added support and a removable washable cover. A perfect travel pillow, the seat cushion can be used in the car, office, living room or wheelchair to provide instant comfort.

• Fellow Professional Back support Cushion: A unique two tiered back support, this memory foam cushions are designed to provide optimal support for your mid and lower back. While the Tri- Tach system of the cushion helps hold it firmly in place, the Microban Antimicrobial protection treatment facilitates easy cleaning.

• Posture trainer back support cushion: One of the most comfortable functional back supports, this back support cushion helps reduce back and neck pain and is designed especially to eliminate health problems associated with prolonged sitting. It can be used by everyone, adults, pregnant women children, and stroke victims and even by people on wheelchairs and is built to last a lifetime.

When buying lumbar cushions, opt for those made with Visco elastic foams. Cushions made with such foams mold easily to your body shape providing you the support you need. In addition, choosing a cushion that is portable, easy to maintain and has a flexible design to match your needs can help you find the right lumbar support cushion for yourself.

Are you suffering from lower back pain?

Lower back pain is one of the most commonly reported ailments around the world. Some of the common causes of this type of pain include a muscular strain, a degenerated disc, herniation, a joint dysfunction, osteoarthritis, and stenosis. If you have ever suffered from chronic back pain, you would be familiar with at least one of these. A muscle strain may occur due to inappropriate posture and lifting weight beyond your ability. However, it generally disappears if adequate rest is taken. A degenerated disc refers to the damage to any of the shock absorbing discs. The treatment depends on the degree of damage suffered by the particular shock absorbing disc. Herniation refers to some kind of wear and tear on the spine. Osteoarthritis is commonly called joint arthritis which can be caused by friction. Stenosis refers to the narrowing of the spinal canal.

Back belts for lumbar support
Pain can be classified into two categories. One is temporary pain which disappears after a few days. The other is chronic pain which may ail you for several months or years. Many people are advised to use back belts or a lumbar pillow for chronic pain. These are used to reduce stress on the discs and provide support to the lower back. These belts are worn by many professionals on regular basis to prevent injuries. However, you should use back belts only after consulting a medical practitioner.

What is lumbar spine?
It refers to that portion of the spine which curves toward the abdomen in the lower back area. It is that area which bears the most weight, twisting and bending in the body. This area gives you power and flexibility in nearly every major movement of the body.
Adopting a healthy lifestyle and visiting a doctor for regular checkups would help you prevent problems related to lumbar or lower back pain. In case the pain surfaces and stays for more than a week, you should immediately get in touch with a doctor.

Ease Your Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain affects people all over the world, especially the working population. It is one of the most common reasons for absenteeism at work and has been reported to be one of the main causes of doctor visits every year.

What is back pain?

Back pain can be described as a dull ache in one portion of the back that can gradually travel down to the legs or other body parts. It generally originates from the joints, bones, nerves, muscles or other structures in the spine. The pain can be categorized into neck pain, tailbone pain, upper back pain and lower back pain.

What are the causes of back pain?

Back pain can be attributed to different reasons. It can be due to bad body posture or lifting heavy objects. Odd sleeping positions and stress can also contribute to lumbar pain.

How to treat back pain?

There are several ways to ease these pains. One of the most effective ways to deal with them is by engaging in regular exercises. There are quite a few exercises that are safe for the back. You can also opt for alternative therapies including massage therapy and acupuncture that are very effective in easing the pain.

You must take care to avoid sitting, sleeping and standing positions that may put a strain on your back. When you are sleeping or sitting, your lower back region must be completely supported to avoid any kind of discomfort and pain in the neck, head and back. When the back is unsupported, apart from pain, it may also cause fatigue.

These days there are several lumbar support products available such as chairs, pillows, a seat cushion and mattresses that help alleviate back discomfort and pain. These products are designed keeping the spine in mind and thus offer proper back support. The products also help to relieve tension and correct poor posture.

A healthy back is an imperative for overall well being. It is best to take expert help to know how to maintain your back well.